and speaking

Cindy Swofford attends a Baldwin Baptist Association Meeting.

Cindy Swofford helps donate free NRIV Bibles to all third grade students as an outreach strategy.

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to take the Gospel to art walks and community trick-or-treating events.
I have a fun coloring book trick and a bag of treats with The Gospel Story and a Halloween tract.
I love planting the seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the next generation’s hearts.

Cindy Swofford organizes a celebration for Jesus’s birthday in a local Baldwin County apartment complex.

Speaking Engagements

If you would like to invite Mrs. Swofford to host a church or group function or to kickstart your outreach ministry or church programs please contact her at cindyswofford@gmail.com.

She enjoys teaching spiritual life lessons to parents that they can pass on to their children, from pre-school through 6th grade. Mrs. Swofford has also helped serval churches host outreach ministries.

Mrs. Swofford has spoken at numerous churches in her community including chapel services for a Christian school. She was a guest speaker at a Mother’s Day weekend retreat. Mrs. Swofford has given presentations at Child Evangelism Fellowship for a graduation dinner, a workshop for volunteers and a committee meeting. Mrs. Swofford also hosted parenting classes at Bay Community Church, often incorporating spiritual life lessons that parents could pass on to their children. Her heart’s desire is to train up a new generation of children who will love, honor and obey God.

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