Daily Training Cards for God’s Spiritual Training Camp

Send the daily training cards home with the children each week.

Place a pic of sample training card here.
Also pic of box.

These cards are a great way to encourage children to have a relationship with God.

As the children arrive have them put their daily training cards in the box or jumbo gold plastic trophy. Decorate a box with an Olympic theme, or buy a cheap jumbo plastic gold trophy for the kids to put their daily training cards in each week as they arrive.

Each week an Adult volunteer pulls out the daily training cards from the box/trophy and calls up the children who turned in their card. Then the volunteer says something like this,

“Boys and girls I’m so proud of you. You took time this week to be trained up in Godliness, Which is the most valuable thing you’ll ever do in your life. All of you are becoming spiritual champions in the Lord. Remember that everyone who turns in ten daily training cards by the end of the school year receives a trophy at our last club meeting.”

Then I take one topic from the card and spend a minute or two talking about that item For example:

Kids Life

Wk 1: Prayer: God said “call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things.” Jeremiah 33:3 He is your Father in heaven and He wants to have a relationship with you. Then I engage the children by asking them if any of them called upon the Lord this week. If a child answers I have them stand up and tell us about it.

Wk 2:Bible reading: Man does not live on bread alone but from every word that come from the mouth of the Lord. Matthew 4:4 Just as your body needs food to grow healthy and strong so does your spirit.

Wk 3: Exercise faith: For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 It’s important to exercise our faith in God. We do this by trusting God in difficult times. One of my examples is, “ One time I had to drive over a long bridge in a storm. I was really scared. I started praying and asking God to protect me. I turned up my Christian music and began to sing and praise the Lord. I could barely see to drive, but I kept singing and praising the Lord. And a spirit of peace came over me. Before I knew it I was over the bridge.”

Each week give each child 3 prize tickets for turning in their daily training card.


At the end of the year the children who turned in their daily training cards ten times or more during the school year will receive a nice trophy.

Pie in the face anyone? If you’re up for a little fun you could always throw a pie in someone’s face. Tell the kids that if more girls bring back their daily training cards than the boy’s the following week, then one of the male adult’s gets a pie in the face. But if more boys bring back the most cards then a female adult volunteer gets a pie in the face. I ask “do the boys rule and the girls drool or do the girls rule and the boys drool?” I always let one of the kids from the winning side smash the pie in the adult’s face.

I don’t use whip cream since it is sticky and tends to sting the eyes it’s also hard to get out of hair. But goggles and a plastic hair net help. I put shaving cream (Barbasol) in an empty pie tin. Some of my volunteers prefer whipped cream.

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