Helpful Hints for Teaching Bible Lessons

* Know the main points you want to make.

* Repeat, repeat & repeat. Children learn from repetition.   

* Don’t over load the children with to much information.

* Don’t go over 15 minutes.

* Have a question and answer time after the Bible story. Give away several  

  prize tickets for the right answer. 

*If possible try to find a skit, object lesson or a drama that relates to the


*Aaron Reynolds wrote one of the best articles on teaching Bible lessons to children that I have ever read. It is titled “No One’s Lazy in Lazy Town.” It should be mandatory reading. Here is an example of some of my favorite lines from his article:

“say it, don’t spray it”

“less is more (if you’re going for retention)

“memorable hook”


This is a short article. Please, please, please read this article. I have sat in children’s ministries that were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Long and boring I thought I would scream!


*I always read scripture to children from a children’s Bible story book or from a NIRV Bible. I believe in serving childern solid meat but it must be in bite sized portions or they‘ll starve. Reading to children from the King James Bible (which is fine for adults) is like giving a baby a t-bone steak. If  you want to reach children you must meet them at their intellectual level other wise it will be lost on them.

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