Pledge to Bible

Each week an adult volunteer picks two helpers (kids) to hold up the posters of the pledge. And the adult holds the Bible (the one with the compass glued on the back). Then the adult ask all the kids to stand up and put one hand on their heart and hold up their Bible with their other hand. Then the volunteer leads them in the pledge to the Bible. Not all of the kids will have their Bible and that’s okay. But the children that do bring their Bibles to hold up during the pledge get prize tickets. $$$

The first week you say the pledge to the Bible tell the children that the word allegiance means the utmost honor and respect. Then after the first week ask the children what the word allegiance means.

After the pledge turn the Bible around so the compass side is facing the kids. Then ask “Boys and girls do you know what this is called? You’re right it’s a compass. Do you know what a compass is used for?” (After they answer), say “ it’s a special tool that points us in the right direction. It can help us find our way when we’re lost. The Bible is a compass for our life. It’s a Spiritual compass that points us to Jesus and leads us to the path of righteousness. Jesus said “ I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14;6 (NIV)

You can use the compass to teach many different spiritual lessons. Change it up throughout the year.

The pledge to the Bible\ compass talk is said each week. I bought two posters of the pledge. I had the posters laminated. I bought two poster boards and glued each laminated poster onto a poster board. And a cheap light weight plastic compass.


  • 1.
  • 2. Your local teacher’s supple store may sell the posters and laminate.
  • 3. There are lots of place to buy this poster. Due a google search.
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