Chef Cindy serves up tasty tid-bits from the Bible

Meet The Author

Cindy Swofford’s work is motivated by her love for children. Mrs. Swofford is an aspiring author and is passionate about giving children hope in God, just as she received hope from attending a vacation Bible school hosted by a neighboring family in their garage. That’s when the Lord planted the seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into her heart. This family’s ministry had a huge impact on her life and later led her to a prayer of salvation.

Cindy Swofford has a passion for children’s ministry and has taken the gospel of Jesus Christ into the community and public schools through many forums. These experiences are what inspired her to write this lower middle-grade book.

With a nudge from God and permission from the superintendent’s office, Mrs. Swofford took Sunday School into the public schools through a Christian after-school program that she developed. Cindy Swofford started the first club in an elementary school near her home. Her target audience for the after-school club is third through sixth graders. This is where she developed her skill and passion for writing Bible lessons and skits that were engaging and fun. She also recruited and trained other area churches to take Sunday school into the public schools by starting a Christian after-school club in their local school. Prior to Covid-19, several after-school clubs were continuing meet. To see her after school program and other outreach ministries click the tab above.

Cindy Swofford sought permission to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through school assemblies. With a little help from volunteers, Mrs. Swofford wrote and presented Bible dramas about creation and the cross, along with many sketches and skits.

She also wrote Bible lessons and skits for her annual birthday parties for Jesus and Easter events in local neighborhoods, parks and apartment complexes. These are some of her favorite outreach ministries. Cindy Swofford believes celebrations make for the most memorable, engaging and exciting ways to present the Gospel to children.

One year, Cindy Swofford was able to get the 700 Club to generously donate enough Storyteller Café DVDs for each third grader in the Baldwin County public schools. For many years, she placed Bibles or Story of Jesus booklets in English and Spanish in area elementary and intermediate schools on a decorative table for kids to take home for free.

She taught 4th through 6th-grade girls at Bay Community Church on Wednesday nights for many years, often writing her own curriculum. Mrs. Swofford also hosted parenting classes there, often incorporating spiritual life lessons that parents could pass on to their children. Her heart’s desire is to train up a new generation of children who will love, honor and obey God.

Mrs. Swofford has spoken at numerous churches in her community to recruit and train volunteers for children’s outreach ministries. She has developed and led training seminars for club directors and volunteers for her after-school Christian club. Cindy Swofford has spoken at a chapel service for a Christian school. She was invited to speak at a Mother’s Day weekend retreat. Mrs. Swofford was also invited to give presentations at Child Evangelism Fellowship for a graduation dinner, a workshop for volunteers and a committee meeting. For many years, she was a member of a local Toastmasters Club.

Cindy Swofford has a social work degree from the University of West Florida. Her experience as a social worker has taught her that children are in desperate need of hope in God.

She is a member of the SCBWI and has attended one national conference in New York along with some regional conferences. She currently attends conferences online.

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